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Welcome again at Junior Floodsite!

The site consists of loose elements to make it flexible and adjustable to different curricula and different countries in Europe. It is aimed at secondary school students, about 15 or 16 years old.

The pages for the teacher are marked with a black and white box that says "Teacher". For teachers extra pages are included with short introductions to the topics and the three groups of lessons. The information pages are the same.

As a teacher you can choose elements from this site to make a programme to your own liking for use during one lesson or more. There are a number of ready made lessons that you can download, consisting of presentations, assignments and games. To make the assignments and to do the quizzes the students will need to use the information on the website.

The website can also be used for individual students, or a group of students, to work on a project.

You can access the information and activities through the links on the left. Short introductions about these elements are provided there too.

To help you choose elements the lessons have been grouped together around three themes.

  1. Flood types and hydrology
  2. Flood risk management
  3. Forming an opinion on flood risks

The themes 1 en 2 are well suited for geography. Theme 3 can be used in Geography, in English or Social Studies.

The subject of flood risk management is also well suited for an interdisciplinary project week.

On the main website of the European research project Floodsite, that this website is part of, you can find lots of scientific results in the field of flood risk management research.