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Group of Applied Research in Hydrometeorology (GRAHI-UPC): Partner 40

Group of Applied Research in HydrometeorologyThe Grup de Recerca Aplicada en Hidrometeorologia (GRAHI, http://www.grahi.upc.es; grahi@grahi.upc.es) is a Research Centre of the Technological Innovation Network of the Catalan Governement (http://www.gencat.es/cidem/it/xit/index.html, Xarxa d’innovació Tecnològica,). It is as a research unit associated to the Institute of Space Studies of Catalunya (IEEC) and also to the Civil Engineering School of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).

The GRAHI-IEEC has experience in: problems of water resources and flood forecasting which arises from the peculiar features of the Mediterranean climate; characterisation and measure of rainfall properties at different scales; the hydrological applications of meteorological radar; and the development of rainfall-runoff models adapted to Mediterranean basins. In particular, the group has ten years experience in developing operational algorithms to improve the quality of rainfall estimates and on the development of hydrological models able to be used on operational flood forecasting systems. A considerable part of the economic resources that support GRAHI-IEEC research activities come from funded projects by the EC and Spanish national and regional science and technology commissions, as well as from innovation and technology transfer projects.

The group is also member of the Xarxa de Riscos Naturals de Catalunya (http://www.ub.es/xarxariscosnat/), scientific network involving 4 universities focused on studies about Mediterranean natural hazards, and it has a wide experience in organising courses, international meetings and dissemination. The institutional relationships of co-operation with the Water Agency of Catalunya (ACA), the Meteorological Service of Catalunya (SMC), the Spanish National Meteorological Institute (INM), CLABSA, the company managing the Besòs Flood warning system and the sewer network of Barcelona, and ADASA provide the framework for the proposed work.

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