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Deltares | Delft Hydraulics (Partner 2/46, short name WL Delft)

WL | Delft Hydraulics

As of January 1st 2008, Deltares (www.deltares.nl) has started as the new and independent institute for applied research and specialist advice in the field of water, soil and the subsurface in The Netherlands. Deltares joins the knowledge and expertise of the former WL | Delft Hydraulics, GeoDelft, parts of the Ministry of Public Works, and a TNO Built Environment and Geosciences. Deltares, with more than 800 employees, is at the forefront of development, distribution and application of knowledge for meeting the challenges in the physical planning, design and management of vulnerable deltas, coastal areas and river basins. Deltares works for and cooperates with Dutch government, provinces and water boards, international governments, knowledge institutes and commercial clients.

For more than 80 years, we have been providing clients, at home and abroad, with decisive advice and technical assistance on water-related issues.

Deltares | Delft Hydraulics has a long-standing reputation for excellence in hydrology, hydraulics, morphology, water quality and ecology. Construction and design matters related to offshore, coasts, harbours, estuaries, rivers and canals are approached in a manner tuned to the specific requirements of the client.

In addition, we operate at the policy level by delivering decision support and carrying out environmental impact assessments in the above mentioned areas.

We have a full range of experimental facilities and computer programs. On the basis of a sound understanding of the processes involved, all water systems can be simulated by us, numerically, experimentally, or through a combination of the two. Transfer of technology and know-how is an inherent part of our approach. This is done through a variety of training courses and seminars, and on the job.

Deltares | Delft Hydraulics has ISO-9001 certificate.

For further information visit the Deltares website on: www.deltares.nl

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