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HR Wallingford (HRW): Partner 1

HR WallingfordHR Wallingford is a leading European centre for research and the application of knowledge in all aspects of water management and engineering in river catchments, estuaries, coasts and offshore. HR Wallingford also supplies software worldwide in the water sector through its subsidiary Wallingford Software.

In recent years, the Company has won substantial programmes of research relating to water engineering and water policy from the European Commission (EC), British Government Departments and Environment Agency. The Company shares knowledge and resources with universities and industrial partners internationally. The Company applies its knowledge through providing practical advice and project-specific studies for a wide spectrum of clients. Our simulation models facilitate an integrated approach to cross-disciplinary projects, complementing our knowledge and understanding of the issues involved. On consultancy projects, our services may cover:

  • identification of issues, initial site appraisals and collection of data
  • analysis of water and sediment movement, water quality, aquatic ecology
  • feasibility, outline design, risk assessment
  • policy development, institutional review and support
The Company has an established record of co-ordinating research project for the EC, and has participated in about 40 projects in the Third, Fourth and Fifth Framework programmes in the areas of Environment & Climate, Marine Science and Technology, and Telematics; more detail is available at http://www.hrwallingford.co.uk/projects. The Company has also been active in horizontal programmes relating to the Improvement of Human Potential, hosting young and established researchers on-site for collaborative projects. Of particular relevance to FLOODsite are the following EC research projects in the area of hydrological risk co-ordinated by HR Wallingford:
  • IMPACT – Investigation of extreme flood processes and uncertainty
  • CADAM – Concerted Action on Dam Break
  • EUROTAS –European River Flood Occurrence and Total Risk Assessment System
  • RIBAMOD – Concerted Action on River Basin Modelling, Management and Flood Mitigation
  • MITCH – Mitigation of Climate Induced Natural Hazards
  • ACTIF - Achieving Technological Innovation in Flood Forecasting

HR Wallingford is an independent research and technology organisation founded in 1947 as a British government research laboratory and is now constituted as a private-sector, non-profit-distributing Scientific Research Association. All trading surpluses are reinvested into future research for the benefit of the water and environment sector. The Company has over 200 employees, including recognised international experts with complementary academic appointments and over 70 scientists with post-graduate qualifications. HR Wallingford has offices and experimental facilities on its 36-hectare science park located about 20km south of Oxford. For further information on HR Wallingford visit our website http://www.hrwallingford.co.uk; for information onWallingford Software visit the website http://www.wallingfordsoftware.com

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