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Doc Ref T29-09-01
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Title Flood risk assessment and flood risk management; An introduction and guidance based on experiences and findings of FLOODsite (an EU-funded Integrated project)
Lead Author FLOODsite
Partner Name WL | Delft Hydraulics
Distribution Public (PU)
Language English
Keywords Education, Flood event management, Flood risk, Flood Risk Assessment, Flood risk management, Guidance
Abstract FLOODsite, from the start, had the ambition to provide conceptual and methodological guidance on how to analyze and assess flood risks as well as on how to manage flood risk and flood events. The main goal of this volume is to share FLOODsite’s view on what a comprehensive approach to flood risk assessment and management is, and what it ought to encompass. We do so by drafting the whole picture in a relatively concise text, whereas some more detail is given in text boxes. We also open some windows on the scientific progress FLOODsite has achieved in this respect, by summarizing the main findings and by giving links to various FLOODsite tasks for further reading. The report is intended as an introductory text for students and a wider audience. We recommend it's use in education.
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