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FLOODsite Communication & Dissemination PlanThe FLOODsite Project comprises an extensive programme of research and development work addressing flood risk analysis and management.  With a research team exceeding 200 drawn from 37 different organisations in 13 different countries of the EU and addressing some 35 distinct tasks of work, there is a need to be methodical in ensuring effective, team wide communication and dissemination.  Effective communication and dissemination is essential if the true potential of the research work is to be realised.  To this end, the project has developed its own Communication and Dissemination Plan.

The purpose of the FLOODsite Communication and Dissemination (C&D) plan is:

  • To lay down the vision, principles and philosophy for Communication and Dissemination for FLOODsite project.
  • To identify actions that will form part of the co-ordinated Communication and Dissemination activities for the project, recognising that these actions will be scoped and co-ordinated more fully as the project progresses.
  • To provide guidance to Task Leaders regarding how actions should be planned and undertaken.

It has been recognised that some activities are essential for the successful completion of the project.  Other activities are aspirational outcomes of the project, which might be undertaken by those beyond the project as part of the adoption of best practices (i.e. uptake leading to implementation – see figure below).  In general, this project will provide generic guidance and tools regarding these latter activities based on lessons learnt from the pilot studies or collated from other sources, which can be interpreted locally for application as appropriate.

The purpose of this plan is to identify those former activities that are required for the successful completion of the project, recognising that there is limited budget and time.
FLOODsite Disemination
Figure: Four stages to implementation

The AIB is the FLOODsite Application and Implementation Advisory Board

The FLOODsite C&D plan is currently restricted to team members. However, if you are interested to learn more please contact the project administrator by emailing floodsite@hrwallingford.co.uk

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